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29 Sep 2020

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12 Type of Facebook Users Find Out Your Own Type
Social Media

12 Type of Facebook Users Find Out Your Own Type 

Social networking site Facebook is a fantastic place, we keep up-to-date with the latest news from our family and friends, and it is the most popular place in the world where we can connect with people and find friends from anywhere around the world. But did you know that Facebook has 12 types of Facebook users that you encounter over and over again.


Silent People

silent People

This type of Facebook User never posts anything, nor comments on your updates, status and photos, and things. They talk about your status, post, and activities on Facebook in general conversation and watch all your activities regularly. But they never post a single word on Facebook

Repting The Same Sentence

Repting The Same Sentence

These type of friends never say anything on your status, photos or things that you share. They simply put things like”LOL” or LMAO

Chicken Nature

chicken Nature

Feel that it is their job to say Good morning every day whether other people react or not. This type of Facebook users starts their day with this post.

Popular Mr & Mis

Popular Mr & Mis

These are the Facebook users that have  5000+ friends and millions of likes for no real particular reason. They usually accept all friend requests that add them despite to if they know them or not. And some of them even add friends random so that they can have more friends than you have and thus thought they are more popular.



These types of Facebook user have no interest on this website; they have no interest in socializing. They are crazy about the game lover and play a game like a ludo.



These are the friends that always portray a positive and innocent stance in their comments on your status updates and things. They always make reference to God in everything you share.



These are the friends who steel your status. A Facebook users who copies your status and not even give credit to you. These are the laziest people who never create their own post.

Irritating User

Irritating User

This is the most irritating one who only posts negative things in their post. These type of Facebook users gate their life.  Their status updates clear about their life.



These type of Facebook users never post or comment, but they join every group and fan page. These type of friends never says anything about the post.



These type of Facebook user is just promotional friends who send you the invitation to the group and page to promote their stuff.

Click Like

click like

These type of Facebook users also not say anything, but they like all post every time is their favourite hobby.



This type is similar to the cynic, they don’t usually have anything positive to say but always think that everyone hates them or they show their hate feelings for someone else even if no hate was ever shown to them. They also believe that everyone is out to get them and ruin their life.

 The “News”

the news

These are Facebook users that always update you about what they are doing and who they are doing with it. They’ll still check in with places and tell you the most ordinary, arbitrary thing no matter if they know you’ll be interested or not.

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